Vocalo DJ Collective (Friday Night DJ Series)

Big Once (Chicago)
Pumpin Pete (Chicago)
Jeremy Sole (Los Angeles)
Trancid (Chicago)
Joc Max (Kansas City)
Chicken George (Austin)
Charlie (Chicago)
Kid Cut Up (Los Angeles / Milwaukee)
Jesse De La Pena (Chicago)
Shazam Bangles (Chicago)
Danny the Wild Child (Chicago)
Shred One (Chicago)
Carlos Feliciano (Chicago)
Garrett David (Chicago)

Catch them on Vocalo's "Friday Night Series" Fridays (8pm-2am CST) 89.5fm & 90.7fm & Saturdays "Vocalo on WBEZ 91.5fm)
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"Quest for the Best" 2013 Open Format DJ competition

Send a 20 minute demo to (jessed@vocalo.org) along with a short bio, all music must be completely clean (No swearing), we may feature the top demos on Vocalo. Demos can be longer than 20 minutes.. but we can only promise to listen to 20 minutes.

Tell us a story through your mix, entertain us and show us what makes you stand out as a DJ. 

We are looking for originality, creativity, technical skill, selection & music knowledge. All forms of music are welcome.. but we really don’t play a lot of Pop, top 40, Trance, Freestyle, Juke, Reggaeton, etc.

There will be turntables & CDJs the night of the competition (No midi controllers will be allowed) you are welcome to use them creating your mixes for the FNDS, if you win, just not during the event. 

Prelim sets will be 12 mins, final sets will be 15 mins. (Judged by our Collective and a special guest judge).

We are looking to add another member to our DJ Collective, the winner will be featured on our weekly “Friday Night DJ Series” mix show and various programs: Vocalo on WBEZ, Live Mix Tape and more. Also at our events around town. 

FYI: There is no money involved in this competition as a prize or for submitting your demos, mixes, etc.

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, August 13th (30 days) to get your mix together & sent in. 

For more info: jessed@vocalo.org 

Good luck everyone! JDLP

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