Vocalo DJ Collective (Friday Night DJ Series)

Big Once (Chicago)
Pumpin Pete (Chicago)
Jeremy Sole (Los Angeles)
Trancid (Chicago)
Joc Max (Kansas City)
Chicken George (Austin)
Charlie (Chicago)
Kid Cut Up (Los Angeles / Milwaukee)
Jesse De La Pena (Chicago)
Shazam Bangles (Chicago)
Danny the Wild Child (Chicago)
Shred One (Chicago)
Carlos Feliciano (Chicago)
Garrett David (Chicago)

Catch them on Vocalo's "Friday Night Series" Fridays (8pm-2am CST) 89.5fm & 90.7fm & Saturdays "Vocalo on WBEZ 91.5fm)
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Friday Night DJ Series 8/9/13 DJs Milty EvansGramaphonedzie, Charlie & Big Once. Hosted by JDLP on Vocalo 89.5fm & 90.7fm (streaming atwww.vocalo.org) 

  • This Friday Aug 9th 8pm cst.. Whitebeard Records monthly Showcase highlighting the Serbian/belgrade house movement, featuring New music from Mark Funk, Wise D & Kobe, Babysitters, Mirko & Meex, & GRAMOPHONEDzIE + a special mix from Gramophonedzie. From Chicago to the world!
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